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January 19, 2012

Pulling together pieces of Oreon history has taken me in directions I didn’t expect nor did I have the right resources to do the research.  One of the most critical has been the right map for each job.

I did gather the road maps I thought I would need.  Highway 99 through Oregon, even after early realignments, was my starting point.  I didn’t realize I would need a map that showed how close the forests came to the road, or the elevations of the mountains.  Then there needed to be one that let me see where the ferries that were replaced by bridges crossed the streams or rivers.  A few stories from  people who lived up a particular creek when the map showed the path of the creek was south, or down, almost making a circle.  Did the creek flow uphill? 

Now I”m looking for a map that shows the plat of the origninal donation land claims.  Difficult in Oregon since some were filed and granted before the territory had been surveyed. 

Even a bigger problem, I’d need help to read many of those maps.  The letters, symbols and strange marks are not easy for a “word” person.  Some become more clear as I study them but I will probably end up trying to locate an interpreter. 

Another I badly need to find and haven’t yet is the map of the original north-south railroad planned by the Oregon and California Railroad.  It’s out there somewhere so my quest continues as my stack of maps grows.